Apple Block OpenAI

Илон Маск раскритиковал партнерство Apple с OpenAI, ссылаясь на проблемы безопасности

The already strained relationship between Elon Musk and OpenAI has taken another hit after Apple’s announcement at WWDC24. Apple announced a future collaboration with OpenAI, intending to integrate OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology into Siri.

This news caused outrage among Musk, who took to the X platform with a series of posts accusing Apple of “selling user data.” Public quarrel between Sam Altman and Elon Musk escalates Musk expressed his skepticism, saying: “Apple isn’t innovative enough to create its own AI, but thinks it can guarantee user privacy with OpenAI?

That’s ridiculous! Once your data is in OpenAI, Apple loses control. They are essentially selling you out.” His criticism has intensified even further, threatening a potential ban: “If Apple integrates OpenAI at the operating system level,” Musk said, “Apple devices will be banned from my companies.

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